Brunch At Bacchus

Wake up, it’s weekend, let’s BRUNCH!! ☀️
Following the latest government announcement,

Bacchus will be operating from 11:30am to 6pm.

We will have many fun activities during these 6 hours. Before we reveal all,

let’s enjoy the weekend first, you can not cancel weekends and joy! 🥳

Special Arrangement 1: Brunch Menu at $888(+10%SC) is available on the weekends, except for 9 January.
Brunch Menu includes : 
1. Bacchus food selection and…🥐
2. Unlimited wine tasting of 18 different wines from all around the world!!🥂

You know how to treasure your weekend.😉

Book your table at 3750 5200 or or 🥖

BRUNCH with sun and smiles. 😊

Spend your lazy and Frenchy Brunch at Bacchus.

All the prices are subjected to 10% service charge.