Wine Time at Bacchus

What time is it ? It’s wine o’clock! 🕰

The Oxford English Dictionary officially recognised “wine o’clock” in 2015 as “an appropriate time of day for starting to drink wines”. 📚However, the dictionary doesn’t mention a specific time, it’s for us to interpret and to choose our perfect wine time, depending on your needs and mood and so on.

So at Bacchus, we propose our Wine Time from 3pm to 6pm, just before we need to head to our home. What makes our Wine Time special? 🍾

Wine Time at Bacchus includes unlimited wine tasting of 18 different wines from all around the world! Let’s travel through wines, a media that will guide us to the taste of terroir of countries. ✈️

What’s more, we provide an attractive 3-plates food presenter to company your Wine Time.

Come and spend your Wine Time at Bacchus !🛎

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